VAT & Accounting

Tax implementation in UAE is a recent enactment that calls out for new litigations and supplementary taxation services for companies. With the new UAE tax laws, all companies are required to register themselves with the governing authorities and get tax filing done on the monthly and quarterly basis.

  • The range of Taxation Services at Summit Tax Consultants:
  • We carefully examine your balance sheets
  • Office Administration & Facility Management
  • We provide you a through the introduction of VAT laws in the UAE
  • Our tax experts interpret and classifying tax groups for you.
  • We provide you tax agents in the UAE.
  • Summit also processes accurate and quick tax filing for your company.
  • We update ourselves with new FTA’s legislation and rules.
  • We maintain versatility to deal with your financial and legal issues

UAE VAT Registration & VAT Accounting

Summit Tax Consultants helps you with VAT registration in the UAE as well as provides with all your concerns related to VAT registration requirements. As VAT implementation in the UAE is a new-flagged system, VAT registration of companies is the major requirement. We offer easy, affordable, quick and time efficient VAT accounting and auditing services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our authorized VAT consultants provide throughout knowledge on tax classifications.

Summit aims to assist all kinds of business by applying their maximum potential and increasing their financial growth. Our team of UAE Chartered Accountants is conversant with FTA legislations, UAE VAT Laws, UAE auditing standards, complete VAT management, UAE tax consultation and so much more.

Tax Consultancy & Accounting Services

Summit Business Setup aids you with Summit Tax Consultants in Abu Dhabi. A best among the audit firms in the UAE, we offer bespoke tax accounting services for small & large businesses. We meticulously track the compliances of the Federal Tax Authority. We also strive to apply procedures that suit your business, allowing you to get better refunds and smaller tax liabilities.

Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

UAE's Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) or DTAA is a bilateral agreement that preserves and upholds the interests of foreign investors and companies coming from other taxable jurisdictions, and investing in UAE. Any foreign company or national already paying taxes abroad for the profits earned in his/her business can mitigate any potential tax burden in the UAE as a result of this treaty. Investing in UAE is 100% tax-free, and the government does not impose any taxes through DTT on the business owners planning to setup their business in UAE.

Not just the Companies, but individuals who are fiscal resident in UAE for more than 180 days and can provide the documents requested by the Ministry of Finance are eligible to use the advantages of the treaty.

Bank Assistant

Summit Business Setup provides you with all the banking assistance you need while starting your company in the UAE. Be it opening a bank account for your company or offering bank guarantee we can help you.

Opening A Bank Account

Business entities and high-net-value individuals from various nationalities strive to open a bank account in Abu Dhabi as well as in other parts of the UAE. There are numerous formalities to open a UAE business bank account.

With Summit Business Setup, opening a bank account in Abu Dhabi for non-residents or corporate entities becomes extremely easy. Summit Business Setup aids you through the right banks in the region that offer low tariffs on banking facilities, simplified reporting system, high quality of services and competitive fees.

To have an account in the best bank in Abu Dhabi or to know about any of the UAE banks or offshore banking services, speak to our business setup consultants.

Bank Guarantee for Business Setup

A bank guarantee is given to a company or an individual regardless of the capacity, of the entity. Thus, a nominal understanding or fee is charged between the parties involved. Some business activities in the UAE require bank guarantees to make an investment or hold a working capital. Summit Business Setup helps companies with a short-term bank guarantee facility that can be valid for 3 days to 10 days.

There are mainly two parties involved in the process of Bank Guarantee – Principal Debtor and Beneficiary for the bank. Summit Business Setup assist you by becoming an enacting principal debtor making you the beneficiary. Through this, Summit enhances the creditworthiness of your company to secure a bank guarantee.

There are various types of bank guarantee that a business may require, to know more on how Summit Business Setup can assist you with the best banking facilities in UAE, speak to our experts!

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